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We are Diamond wholesalers.

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Why should I buy from Diajewels.com as it is overseas and I don’t get to physically inspect the diamonds ?

You should buy from Diajewels because we at Diajewels sell exactly the same diamonds as shown in the images. Unlike many other traders on many auctions sites or on their own websites, we don’t show images of a set of diamonds and then deliver another set of diamonds even if they are similar. We consider this cheating. We believe that even if the diamonds are similar, we must first get them approved by the buyer and only then will we export the diamonds. (exclusion is made in-case of star, melee diamonds or lab certified diamonds where images are not required.) This is our iron-clad policy – which will never change – because, we believe that honesty is the gateway to heaven. Money is only superficial and only helps pay bills until an appointed time (death) beyond which the only thing that matters will be our honest conduct in this life. In order to conduct honestly, I, Kashif Alim Akhtar, the proprietor of Diajewels, have etched out a FIVE step policy:
i) The diamond images will first be approved by the buyer and only then will the payment be accepted.
ii) The diamonds exported will be exactly the same as shown in the images. (Not similar)
iii) The diamonds images are magnified under the camera macro-mode to show the cutting, polishing and the intricate details even within the diamonds. This is like inspecting the diamonds yourself under a 10X magnifying glass. Additionally, we offer a 360 degree INTERACTIVE video presentation of the diamond. It is like inspecting the diamond turning it around as if it's in your hand with a 10x eye-glass.
iv) Full details are listed, full disclosure is made.
v) I click the images myself, deal with the clients myself. There is no delegation of work as the big companies do. The buck stops with me. You don’t have to run from pillar to post to get an answer to any of your queries. Simply e-mail me at sales@diajewels.com or call me at 91-9821026637. You can use this no. to ‘WhatsApp’ me.

What is the guarantee that I will get the diamonds ? Is Diajewels trust-worthy ?

Diajewels was registered in 1996 and is online since 1999.
We are members of GJEPC (Gem & Jewellery Export Propmotion Council of India) – Membership no. GJEPC/HO-MUM (M)/G03727/0M/I verifiable with GJEPC
We are registered with the Govt. of India verifiable with INDIAN GOVT.
If you are still not sure, you can pay via Paypal and Paypal always supports the buyer.

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